Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Working on the Noose

A few days after saving the young lady from the hooded man, Meijor and Taylor are going over his gadgets in her basement…..

Meijor was looking over his gear laid out by Taylor DeForge, personal gadgeteer and friend; on the table. She was going over some numbers and data about them but he was thinking about the hooded man from the West End. After a few minutes, Taylor noticed he was preoccupied and snapped her fingers a bit to get his attention.

Miejor “Oh, I’m sorry Taylor.” She places her hands on her hips “Yea, I noticed. What’s wrong?” He starts to go into the short amount of details. She listened intently. He concludes that the hooded man is behind a large number of missing persons, well teenage ones. He picks up a flashbang, examining it a moment “I really at a loss of where to start..” Taylor speaks up “Just start where your guts tell you, don’t just wait. They need you.” Meijor smiles slightly “Thanks.” Taylor moves over next to him and picks up the grapple line “This line has a test strength of at least 2000 lbs but the retracting motor range is about 600 lbs.” She goes into more details as he mentally prepares for the night’s patrol.

Stratagent could fill the different in the swing line as he moved through the Drops this night. He had stopped a mugging so far but nothing related to missing persons or the hooded man. He would spend a few hours maneuvering through the Drops before shifting his patrol back to the West End. Tonight was no different than any other night in the partying district of the West End. He did noticed the nightclub dubbed Synapse had a decent crowd tonight though.

He swung upon a perch nearby, watching the crowds. Meijor never really got into the dance clubs or bars or such but as an academic, he wasn’t unfamiliar with social “events.” Smirking a bit thinking about the time he met his wife at college of science gathering in University of Wisconsin. Having a sentimental moment, he missed the owner of Synapse sneak through a side entrance with some shady individuals. Stratagent’s attention would come back to the real world after a screeching of brakes as someone avoids rear ending another car.

After scoping out a few blocks, he swings to another position that is near the heart of the more exotic part of the West End. Not as loud in this part but a lot more neon lights and mist/smoke. Stratagent has assessed that a bit after a midnight is the peak time here as people go for a last hoorah here. The police patrol here but the underworld elements have the upper hand and the pimps have certain “friends” who help with the authorities.

Stratagent almost had given up on this uneventful evening when an odd sewage & plumbing van drove by. He did not recognize the company but the drive was in work overalls. Plus who does 24 hours service? He whipped out his grapple line and followed from a distance. The van was heading towards the Drops side of West End. Once out of the light and flash of West End proper, the van turned down a side street heading towards a storage lot with a few smaller end warehouses off to the side. The van headed to the one of the warehouses as Stratagent had to stop his tailing on a small three story building nearby as it was open ground to the warehouse.

He watched for awhile and learned that the warehouse had armed guards and there were smaller/younger people inside. Stratagent pondered several courses of action but none were good. He decided to call the anonymous tip line of the ACPD about a missing child in the area of the warehouse. It didn’t take the squad cars to arrive as he watched the events unfold.
The ACPD arrived before the kidnapping ring could react. There was a show down but the criminal gave up with little resistance. It was a good call as multiple children and teenagers were rescued but there was no hooded man in the ones arrested.

Feeling that it was a good job regardless, Stratagent started to make his exit then he caught an officer looking up at him. Officer Dale Simmons. Stratagent didn’t know Simmons but could tell the officer was glad he was there. Stratagent gave him a small salute and swung away into the night.

Searching the Gallows

A couple of weeks before being called into HeroCorp to help Tempest investigate Dr. Corpus, Stratagent was still searching for missing teenagers after he founded Wendi Zayne near the West End with a hint from El Cuervo the week before. This part of the city definitely draws in the crowds in the evening hours.

He perches on the top of a several story building, with a convenient store at street level. This gave him a decent field of vision of the drag strip with the most “exotic” bars named Rush Street. He was looking for a couple of missing teenagers posted on the ACPD site, no ransoms or anything unusual about when they disappeared. He plans to scope out the district and circle through on a patrol.

After an hour of learning the businesses near Rush Street, he pulls out his grapple line and swings up to Oak Avenue were the dance clubs are. He was grateful that DeForge added some length to the line, feels a lot more manageable but needed to work on his aerobatics some still. As he made his way to another perch, it seemed very busy on this night and he would soon find out way. The singer Prysm was in town and was having a show. Stratagent was somewhat awestruck from the whole event until the crowds filed inside the club. Seeing the singer in real life was definitely different than on video. The scene settled downed and he was able to focus on his task at hand.

Time passed and Stratagent would make his round to other areas of the West End and end back at Rush Street after midnight. The people have thinned out and he was able to focus on certain individuals easily and get a read on them. It would be here that he saw a couple moving rather quickly and became his focus. He watched for a few moments and deduced that the lady was young and unwell, definitely not wanting to be here. The man overall seemed shady, pimp maybe but leaned every so slightly to one side, probably a pistol in his jacket or waistband. They stopped and the man pushed the young lady down an alley, she knew not to resist from her posture. Stratagent pulled out his line and swung over the building overlooking the alley.

Stratagent watched a moment, figuring it was a simple assault incident but it was much more. He saw the pimp talking a hooded man with a loose around his neck. Behind the hooded man was some guards and younger looking people. The hooded man was the pimps supplier for the young “talent.” Stratagent assessed the guards, definitely carrying some firearm along with tasers and clubs. He noticed the pimp’s young lady was one of the missing teenagers, definitely in a weakened state and covered with heavy makeup. This was all Stratagent needed to act.

Stratagent leaped over the edge of the few story building, using his cloak to glide down. His aim was true as both boots hit WiPHoACHoodMan.jpginto the back the pimp, knocking him out cold. The young lady shrieked in surprise, the other young captives gasped. Stratagent was a few feet from the hooded man as he regained his composure. They stared at each other a moment before two guards rushed in. The Hooded Man chuckled lightly as he back away “Not tonight hero.” Stratagent was stopped mid step as the guards aimed their weapon on him and the young lady. He tossed a smoke pellet and grabbed the young lady on his way out through the gunfire. They were blinded and soon stopped firing after a few seconds. Stratagent made it to the rooftop of a nearby low level liquor store with the young lady. She dropped to her knees, starting to shake and cry. Stratagent looked over at the alley from a distance, the Hooded Man and his guards exited effectively and quickly, even taking the down pimp and the other captives.

The next few minutes he waited for the police to arrive and let the young lady, Tori Justice; down to the sidewalk. After she was safe with the ACPD, he using his grapple line to make his way home. He plans to sketch the Hooded Man and find out more about him.
1514944-1289939883b.jpgThe following morning, there was a sound bite from Prysm about the incident.
Prysm makes her way through the surrounding microphones, sounding almost sincere.. “I’m just glad there are heroes out there doing good and in my part of the city” She gives a million dollar smile as she gets into her vehicle.

Synapse Calls out Burgandy

As the persons mouse curser hovered over the smiling face of Synapse, they clicked play and the web video began.

The screen faded in from back to show the meta known as Synapse sitting on a couch in the V.I.P section of his club by the same name, he was smoking a cigarette and smiling at the camera as he leaned back in to the plush leather couch. His arms stretched out along the back of it, the black shirt he was wearing unbuttoned and splayed open showing his many many tattoos. He took a long drag from the cigarette and began to speak as he pointed at the camera.

“Burgandy, you want to call me out you sanctimonious self aggrandizing piece of trash. You need to clean your ears out homes. Cause last I checked, I don’t have to tell anyone about why I go to a hospital. Its called right to privacy, you should look it up. You want to act like a man, you want to say shit about other people. Stop sitting behind a teleprompter. Act like the real man you claim to be, I am not hard to find. You want to say shit, come on down here to Synapse and say it to my face. Otherwise zip your lip, before I come down to the station and say my piece in person.”

With that he took the cigarette from his lips and flipped it at the camera. The screen went black.

It was a video Synapse had put up on a rather popular video site, and it was starting to go viral.

Mending the forge
Burnt followup

A few hours after dealing with the shadow realm creatures, Stratagent finally gets a chance to contact Taylor. 182957-5104-husk.jpg Taylor answers the call and Meijor starts off “I’m sorry for missing the appointment, couldn’t be helped.” The conversation starts off apologetic before he dives into details of the event of the shadow beasts. Taylor gets some juicy details and insight from Meijor as he makes his way home. He continues “I do have something to show you though, got it from Hero Corps. You will love it.” She agrees and they make plans for him to bring it to her lab in the Valley area.

A short time later, Meijor arrives at Taylor’s place. She stands there with her hands on her hips and he stops in front of her. Meijor quirks a brow “What?” Taylor punches him in the arm “That’s for missing our regular weekly meeting.” He rubs his arm, like it hurt but doesn’t replying “I said I was sorry.” Taylor combs a strand of hair behind her ear “I know but that made me feel better. Also, glad you aren’t hurt.” He smirks a little as she turns to lead him inside her home lab in the basement.

Once inside, Taylor asks “So, what do you have to show me.” Meijor smiles and pulls out the EMP boomerang “This.” He holds out in the palm of his hands to let her see. Meijor starts “It’s what helped defeat the shadow beasts. Was surprised it took them all out at the water treatment plant.” Taylor is eyeing the device like a kid in a candy store. She eventually picks it up and takes it over to a work table and determine the specifics. She asks “How did you get Hero Corps to let you have one of these?”

Meijor sidesteps the question somewhat “They have an arsenal and vast array of gear. It was something they showed us on the tour.” Taylor focuses on the device rather than the how acquired. “This is amazing. I heard of people doing research on gear like this but actually see it one in person is amazing.” Meijor watches her jots down some note through her examination, Taylor definitely enjoyed what she does. Once finished, she hands it back to him. “You’ll have to bring me some more items to look at. Definitely a step up from what the university has access too.” Meijor nods “I will see what I can request. Sorry once again for missing.” Taylor waves her hand like its not an issue “Its ok Meijor, just as long as you cover your ass with toys for me to look at.” They both smile as the injected humor as she leads him onside. They share a hug and say their goodbyes for the night. Taylor waves as he gets inside his car “Take care hero.” Meijor replies “Will do.”

Meijor decides to take the long way home through the Valley, thinking of the shadow beasts and possible relation to Synapse.

Gangland Slaughter!
Issue 8

" Tony Pope here again, folks! I can barely contain my anger and grief at the destruction I just witnessed with my own two eyes! Hundreds, if not thousands of innocent citizens fled for their lives, in absolute horror, as gang members peppered the crowd here, at Langley Park, with deadly weapons-fire! And all this happened, while the so-called peacocks of Hero Corp cowered within the innocents, using them as human shields! Tony_Pope.png

" If it wasn’t for OCP’s own Richard ‘Dick’ Jones, these ruffians may have done even more harm! Dicky lent Alderman Lyons a few of his Paladin Bots and I’ve gotta tell ya- those things really gave the gangers and the Hero Corp bozo’s a run for their money!

" While the brave Avalon City cops were safely ushering the panicked crowd away, the Paladins moved in on the gangers, who I understand were Crazy 88’s! But I must say fine viewers, that the Paladin’s almost had things neatly under control, before a Hero Corp lackey that goes by the name of Terra swooped in and picked one up and tore it to shreds, sending flaming debris everywhere! I KNEW he looked suspicious, when I first saw him here! And he didn’t get a ticket for littering!

" Even the so-called favorite of the city, Polymer was seen destroying OCP and Avalon City property! And look at this, folks! Here’s a clip of some wacky-looking guy that goes by the gang-call-sign of Colorista! Look at him defacing public property with spray paint! Disgraceful! Not to mention, he’s riding that skateboard of his, which is a ticket-able offence in this park! And to top it off, I hear he disrespected some cops! Oh yeah! Hero Corp is gonna hear about this!

" No surprise to me, some witnesses even say that a female gang member was seen cavorting with those Hero Corp trouble-makers! Maybe they were providing the 88’s with illegal weapons! Dear viewers I will not rest until I get to the bottom of this conspiracy!

" And a conspiracy it is! How do I know? My cameraman couldn’t even get a clear shot of two of ‘Thug Corp’s’ members! One guy, called Crux and another guy, who’s name we aren’t sure of, must have found a way to damage our footage files or something! One guy kept popping in and out of frame and the other was out of focus!

" That Crux guy seemed like the nicest one out of the bunch, but I shoulda known! Him and the big guy reading off of those damned index cards! Rhetoric and pandering, is all it is!

" This is Tony Pope signing off, friends! Even though I was severely wounded in this altercation, I will persevere and promise to deliver the unbiased TRUTH to YOU- the citizens of Avalon City! Hey, you! Got a light? "

Pugilism In the Park
Issue 8

" This is Tony Pope people of Avalon City! I’m here at Langley Park, in Midtown, where Alderman Lyons is speaking in front of a crowd of supporters. Rumor has it that the Alderman will be stating his intent to run for Mayor and if I may be so bold, FOXX ACTION NEWS! thinks he can do a helluva better job than our city’s current Mayor! Tony_Pope.png

" Also here, protecting not only the Alderman, but the patriotic citizens, are ’Avalon’s Finest’- the fine members of the ACPD! Standing next to me is Captain Jim Taggart! Hey, Jimbo! How’s it going? Maybe you can take care of a couple of tickets for me?

" Hold on folks! Our FOXX ACTION NEWS EYE IN the SKY! is telling me that we’ve got members of Hero Corp here! Loyal viewers, I don’t have to tell you that this could mean bad news! Hero Corp, as you know, are nothing more than a barely-legal paramilitary meta-human fringe-group, that is kept afloat by leaching hard earned money from the tax-payers and secret funding!

" Obviously they are here as a sign of bullying and intimidation! But FOXX ACTION NEWS! will not be cowtowed into submission by some super-powered punks! And this reporter is headed over to get an exclusive interview with the brutish Polymer! This is the same Hero Corp faceman that we filmed at the destruction in the Drops, a mere 3 nights ago! And while I was hitting him with the tough questions, he decided to scamper out of there, like a frightened rat!

" Well things are soon going to change around here, my faithful viewers! With the Paladin Initiative that’s being put into place, the city’s Meta problems will soon be a thing of the past! And it’s about time!

" Hey! Polymer! Hey big guy, can I get a word with you and the two bozo’s next to you? Who’re these guys? Oh, Crux and who’s the other one? Speak directly into the mike, pal! Terra? How’s that spelled? And what’s the deal with the index cards? "

Journal Entry #39, Juliati 24, 2243

My first mission with Hero Corps was….strange, but refreshing. I stated in my 2nd log entry, My first encounter with a Meta-Human was an eye opening one. The people and culture of this world have never ceased to fascinate me, but the power level of many of these Meta Humans dwarf any of the most powerful cybernetics or even Cyber Mages I have seen in my own time and world. I decided to accept Hero Corps invitation to better study Meta-Humans, and it appears my decision was a good one. In my 6 months with the Avalon Police Department, I documented close encounters with only eleven Meta Humans, and only one was fatal. In my capacity as a S.W.A.T. Officer, I mostly handled crime with regular non powered humans. But in just one night with Hero Corp, I worked alongside five immensely diverse and powerful Meta Humans and helped uncover what I perceive as a major threat to this city. It is clear that this small company is on the frontline in a secret war that is dangerously close to enveloping this city, possibly this world.

I admit, I feel some level of guilt for allowing my attention to stray from the search for my sister, but somehow my involvement with this group just seems right. I actually feel like I am closer to finding Atrina now than I have been over the past eight months, that somehow this company will help me find her without even trying.

Even though I am not technically a Meta-Human, my advanced cybernetics and genetics make me appear as such. It is my understanding that an important part of my place and identity as a Hero Corp agent is a codename. When I first tested for the director I was assigned the codename, Hollywood, but have since been given the opportunity to choose one of my own. In an attempt to further embrace the popular culture of this world, and to appease the musings of my friend who repeatedly calls me ‘NEO’ ….I have adopted the name Matrix.

I am preparing my official report documenting the events of my first mission. I will post it before days end.

El Cuervo's Journal #2

The HERO Corps pager stopped beeping as his heavy army boot crushed it to pieces. Ears still ringing from that treacherous swing, he saw the name El Cuervo slowly disappear from the liquid crystal display dying in the rain.

“Boost… ter… Man will be pissed”, he whispered crawling on four, drooling red from his mouth.

The seven foot tall man in army fatigue was standing in front him, a crowbar in his grip. The masked vigilante cursed himself for letting his guard down and rushing into action. Dodging bullets, jumping off building and evading sneaky attacks was easy for him but playing a recording of screaming kids in a truck was a good way to divert his attention for a moment. Well played. The idea was too good for a big dummy with hormone problems.

“The boss have a message for you, Cape”, said the giant readying his weapon for another swing.

“Please do tell amigo”, replied El Cuervo desperately in need , “you have my full attention.”

“Time to di…”, the goon opened his mouth only to be sharply interrupted by the sole of a boot breaking his jaw in two places. KRAK!

When El Cuervo finished his somersault the guy had already been kicked twice, punched three times and pushed violently head first into a brick wall.

“You were saying Menos?”, smiled the Raven adjusting his cape and scabbard. The hoodlum was still standing, parts of him stuck in the brick wall, either unconscious or dead. The police would find him like that later on. El Cuervo’s were acute now. Somebody wanted to toy with him and he felt watched somehow.

“Who could have send him?”, he thought to himself, “Who could have set up this trap?”. His thoughts went straight to a man he recently met in a mansion (*see issue #5). He considered paying him a visit for a moment but he couldn’t do it without some solid proofs.

Suddenly there was a faint beep under the goon’s truck but the following happened so fast that it didn’t registered on the hidden dashboard camera.

“I don’t know who you are,” shouted El Cuervo already high above the buildings, his swinging line all twisted up behind him, mimicking his moves, a bomb under his arm, “but you don’t get to blow up my city tonight Camarada!”


7 Years Ago

“I am Doctor Jonas Mitchell, co-founder of MG-Tech with my wife Doctor Jessica Mitchell and good friend Doctor Calvin Grue. We were originally funded by Foxx Technology however ideological differences have caused us to strike out on our own as we pursue a modern miracle.

Imagine, if you would, a pill that could make you physically up to 10x what you are now. The average man who could lift 200lbs would now be able to lift a 2,000lb vehicle. That same person who suffers a sprained ankle requiring a week of convalescence (168 hours) would now heal that same injury in 16.8 hours. Less than a day! This same average Joe who possessed 20/20 vision and could see things perfectly at 200 feet could now see the same objects as if they were 20 feet away, becoming aware of minute details. In addition the white blood cell count would rise rapidly giving an incredible resistance to normal toxins and disease. In effect this average Joe would become a Superman.

Now, imagine if that same pill could multiply those initial effects by a factor of 100. This average Joe would be able to lift 200,000 lbs. (point of reference is that the US Space Shuttle weighs in 220,000 lbs.), would be able to see at 20,000 (about 4 miles) what a normal person could see 20 feet away. At this point, the immune system would be invulnerable to terrestrial toxins and disease and the muscles would not produce lactic acids that cause fatigue giving Joe an inexhaustible amount of stamina and endurance.

Now imagine what this can do to help all of mankind. The diseases that could be eradicated, the deformities that could be normalized would be incredible. This technology will allow mankind to move into the next stage of evolution.

As of now, our testing of the Nega Formula, i.e. Nega-F has produced effects lasting up to 183 seconds though our perfection of the formula continues. As you know, my field is Genetics and Bio-Chemistry, my wife Jessica is an expert in Pathogenic medicine and our good friend Calvin is an expert in Recombinant DNA splicing.

Between the three of us we have almost 50 years of combined experience in Bio-Tech and we hope that MG-Tech will surpass all expectations as we move the human race towards perfection.

Thank you for your time, I am Doctor Jonas Mitchell and for Doctor Jessica Mitchell and Doctor Calvin Grue, we at MG-Tech bid you safe journeys!”


Who would have thought that so much could happen in such a short period of time? We perfected the Nega-F, which I synthesized into Nega Pills however the formula was still unstable and would last anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Jessica discoveted the need for the recipent cells to be saturated with a sequenced radiation burst (including Gamma radiation) and unfortunately my drive to be better caused me to use our children Erik and Erica as test subjects. Truth be told, I only wanted them to be better than I ever was and I was convinced that the Nega-F would allow increased development not only in their bodies, but also in their minds. Jessica didn’t see it that way and it has been almost 5 years since I’ve seen my children.

Calvin on the other hand became more and more aggressive and I found out that he was altering the base formula and selling it to the 5th Column terrorist. Luckily he didn’t know the proper radiation sequencing and one night in a fit of rage he subjected himself to a dangerously high dose of Nega-F. Maybe I should state for the record that taking too much affects the mind and personality. It doesn’t take anything away, per se, but it makes one more aggressive. Id, Ego and Superego.

Calvin, or Mr. Gruesome (I call him The Grue, from the stories) was a canny beast now possessed of incredible strength and redilience who threated to destroy all around him until I was forced to subject myself to the radiation and the formula to stop him. Somehow I knew it would come to this even at the very beginning. My body began to swell with power, my cells bursting with incredible regenerative properties and my senses expanded.

All I could think about were the Golden Age heroes such as Statesman, Golden Boy, Marvel Man and Mind Girl. I would take my place amongst them and be the Scientific Adventurer known as Boosterman.

I would save Avalon City from my former best friend.

Boosterman – Dr. Jonas Mitchell (Genetics and Bio-Chemistry)
Powers – Superhuman Strength (capable of lifting 200,000 lbs), Superhuman Endurance, Immunity to Poison and Disease, Superhuman Senses (especially Sight and Hearing), Superhuman Regeneration, Genius Level Intelligence (especially in the fields of Medicine, Genetics and Bio-Chem), Drawback of powers lasting from 10 min to 60 min per Nega Pill taken, taking too many pills in a 24 hour period causes a Mr Hyde mentality effect.

Synapses Musings 2
Synapses Journal

Went on my first for Hero Corp tonight, they teamed me up with someone called Polymer. They had lost track of a pervious team. Which we were sent to look for. We could only locate one member of their group. A person called Tempest, have to say his name fits him well. Seem every bit as volatile as the name suggests. Pretty decent seeming guy, at least once you get over the tough exterior. We found him in the sewers. Not the nicest place to take a vacation. He was up against some kind of strange humanoid rat creatures, had to drop the tunnel on them to stop them. It was a rush. The thrill of using my powers in such a situation, as complete rush; looking forward to the next time.

A few days later……..

Hired a new bartender today. Cute 21 years old chick we all took to calling Chill. She has some neat ice based abilities, can frost a glass faster and better than any freezer on the market. She should be able to put on quite the little show for all the rich little punks coming in and blowing their rich families money. With her and Angel on the main bar, I can really start pushing the meta factor. No other clubs in the area with an open meta owner, not to mention that hires and defends open meta employees. Synapse is becoming one of a kind, exactly like I want it. Time for Prysm to fall to the way side.



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