Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

El Cuervo's Journal #2

The HERO Corps pager stopped beeping as his heavy army boot crushed it to pieces. Ears still ringing from that treacherous swing, he saw the name El Cuervo slowly disappear from the liquid crystal display dying in the rain.

“Boost… ter… Man will be pissed”, he whispered crawling on four, drooling red from his mouth.

The seven foot tall man in army fatigue was standing in front him, a crowbar in his grip. The masked vigilante cursed himself for letting his guard down and rushing into action. Dodging bullets, jumping off building and evading sneaky attacks was easy for him but playing a recording of screaming kids in a truck was a good way to divert his attention for a moment. Well played. The idea was too good for a big dummy with hormone problems.

“The boss have a message for you, Cape”, said the giant readying his weapon for another swing.

“Please do tell amigo”, replied El Cuervo desperately in need , “you have my full attention.”

“Time to di…”, the goon opened his mouth only to be sharply interrupted by the sole of a boot breaking his jaw in two places. KRAK!

When El Cuervo finished his somersault the guy had already been kicked twice, punched three times and pushed violently head first into a brick wall.

“You were saying Menos?”, smiled the Raven adjusting his cape and scabbard. The hoodlum was still standing, parts of him stuck in the brick wall, either unconscious or dead. The police would find him like that later on. El Cuervo’s were acute now. Somebody wanted to toy with him and he felt watched somehow.

“Who could have send him?”, he thought to himself, “Who could have set up this trap?”. His thoughts went straight to a man he recently met in a mansion (*see issue #5). He considered paying him a visit for a moment but he couldn’t do it without some solid proofs.

Suddenly there was a faint beep under the goon’s truck but the following happened so fast that it didn’t registered on the hidden dashboard camera.

“I don’t know who you are,” shouted El Cuervo already high above the buildings, his swinging line all twisted up behind him, mimicking his moves, a bomb under his arm, “but you don’t get to blow up my city tonight Camarada!”



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