Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Gangland Slaughter!

Issue 8

" Tony Pope here again, folks! I can barely contain my anger and grief at the destruction I just witnessed with my own two eyes! Hundreds, if not thousands of innocent citizens fled for their lives, in absolute horror, as gang members peppered the crowd here, at Langley Park, with deadly weapons-fire! And all this happened, while the so-called peacocks of Hero Corp cowered within the innocents, using them as human shields! Tony_Pope.png

" If it wasn’t for OCP’s own Richard ‘Dick’ Jones, these ruffians may have done even more harm! Dicky lent Alderman Lyons a few of his Paladin Bots and I’ve gotta tell ya- those things really gave the gangers and the Hero Corp bozo’s a run for their money!

" While the brave Avalon City cops were safely ushering the panicked crowd away, the Paladins moved in on the gangers, who I understand were Crazy 88’s! But I must say fine viewers, that the Paladin’s almost had things neatly under control, before a Hero Corp lackey that goes by the name of Terra swooped in and picked one up and tore it to shreds, sending flaming debris everywhere! I KNEW he looked suspicious, when I first saw him here! And he didn’t get a ticket for littering!

" Even the so-called favorite of the city, Polymer was seen destroying OCP and Avalon City property! And look at this, folks! Here’s a clip of some wacky-looking guy that goes by the gang-call-sign of Colorista! Look at him defacing public property with spray paint! Disgraceful! Not to mention, he’s riding that skateboard of his, which is a ticket-able offence in this park! And to top it off, I hear he disrespected some cops! Oh yeah! Hero Corp is gonna hear about this!

" No surprise to me, some witnesses even say that a female gang member was seen cavorting with those Hero Corp trouble-makers! Maybe they were providing the 88’s with illegal weapons! Dear viewers I will not rest until I get to the bottom of this conspiracy!

" And a conspiracy it is! How do I know? My cameraman couldn’t even get a clear shot of two of ‘Thug Corp’s’ members! One guy, called Crux and another guy, who’s name we aren’t sure of, must have found a way to damage our footage files or something! One guy kept popping in and out of frame and the other was out of focus!

" That Crux guy seemed like the nicest one out of the bunch, but I shoulda known! Him and the big guy reading off of those damned index cards! Rhetoric and pandering, is all it is!

" This is Tony Pope signing off, friends! Even though I was severely wounded in this altercation, I will persevere and promise to deliver the unbiased TRUTH to YOU- the citizens of Avalon City! Hey, you! Got a light? "


Nice - looks like we all burned some bonds on that one…

Gangland Slaughter!

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