Fantastic Tales of Avalon City


7 Years Ago

“I am Doctor Jonas Mitchell, co-founder of MG-Tech with my wife Doctor Jessica Mitchell and good friend Doctor Calvin Grue. We were originally funded by Foxx Technology however ideological differences have caused us to strike out on our own as we pursue a modern miracle.

Imagine, if you would, a pill that could make you physically up to 10x what you are now. The average man who could lift 200lbs would now be able to lift a 2,000lb vehicle. That same person who suffers a sprained ankle requiring a week of convalescence (168 hours) would now heal that same injury in 16.8 hours. Less than a day! This same average Joe who possessed 20/20 vision and could see things perfectly at 200 feet could now see the same objects as if they were 20 feet away, becoming aware of minute details. In addition the white blood cell count would rise rapidly giving an incredible resistance to normal toxins and disease. In effect this average Joe would become a Superman.

Now, imagine if that same pill could multiply those initial effects by a factor of 100. This average Joe would be able to lift 200,000 lbs. (point of reference is that the US Space Shuttle weighs in 220,000 lbs.), would be able to see at 20,000 (about 4 miles) what a normal person could see 20 feet away. At this point, the immune system would be invulnerable to terrestrial toxins and disease and the muscles would not produce lactic acids that cause fatigue giving Joe an inexhaustible amount of stamina and endurance.

Now imagine what this can do to help all of mankind. The diseases that could be eradicated, the deformities that could be normalized would be incredible. This technology will allow mankind to move into the next stage of evolution.

As of now, our testing of the Nega Formula, i.e. Nega-F has produced effects lasting up to 183 seconds though our perfection of the formula continues. As you know, my field is Genetics and Bio-Chemistry, my wife Jessica is an expert in Pathogenic medicine and our good friend Calvin is an expert in Recombinant DNA splicing.

Between the three of us we have almost 50 years of combined experience in Bio-Tech and we hope that MG-Tech will surpass all expectations as we move the human race towards perfection.

Thank you for your time, I am Doctor Jonas Mitchell and for Doctor Jessica Mitchell and Doctor Calvin Grue, we at MG-Tech bid you safe journeys!”


Who would have thought that so much could happen in such a short period of time? We perfected the Nega-F, which I synthesized into Nega Pills however the formula was still unstable and would last anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Jessica discoveted the need for the recipent cells to be saturated with a sequenced radiation burst (including Gamma radiation) and unfortunately my drive to be better caused me to use our children Erik and Erica as test subjects. Truth be told, I only wanted them to be better than I ever was and I was convinced that the Nega-F would allow increased development not only in their bodies, but also in their minds. Jessica didn’t see it that way and it has been almost 5 years since I’ve seen my children.

Calvin on the other hand became more and more aggressive and I found out that he was altering the base formula and selling it to the 5th Column terrorist. Luckily he didn’t know the proper radiation sequencing and one night in a fit of rage he subjected himself to a dangerously high dose of Nega-F. Maybe I should state for the record that taking too much affects the mind and personality. It doesn’t take anything away, per se, but it makes one more aggressive. Id, Ego and Superego.

Calvin, or Mr. Gruesome (I call him The Grue, from the stories) was a canny beast now possessed of incredible strength and redilience who threated to destroy all around him until I was forced to subject myself to the radiation and the formula to stop him. Somehow I knew it would come to this even at the very beginning. My body began to swell with power, my cells bursting with incredible regenerative properties and my senses expanded.

All I could think about were the Golden Age heroes such as Statesman, Golden Boy, Marvel Man and Mind Girl. I would take my place amongst them and be the Scientific Adventurer known as Boosterman.

I would save Avalon City from my former best friend.

Boosterman – Dr. Jonas Mitchell (Genetics and Bio-Chemistry)
Powers – Superhuman Strength (capable of lifting 200,000 lbs), Superhuman Endurance, Immunity to Poison and Disease, Superhuman Senses (especially Sight and Hearing), Superhuman Regeneration, Genius Level Intelligence (especially in the fields of Medicine, Genetics and Bio-Chem), Drawback of powers lasting from 10 min to 60 min per Nega Pill taken, taking too many pills in a 24 hour period causes a Mr Hyde mentality effect.



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