Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Journal Entry #39, Juliati 24, 2243

My first mission with Hero Corps was….strange, but refreshing. I stated in my 2nd log entry, My first encounter with a Meta-Human was an eye opening one. The people and culture of this world have never ceased to fascinate me, but the power level of many of these Meta Humans dwarf any of the most powerful cybernetics or even Cyber Mages I have seen in my own time and world. I decided to accept Hero Corps invitation to better study Meta-Humans, and it appears my decision was a good one. In my 6 months with the Avalon Police Department, I documented close encounters with only eleven Meta Humans, and only one was fatal. In my capacity as a S.W.A.T. Officer, I mostly handled crime with regular non powered humans. But in just one night with Hero Corp, I worked alongside five immensely diverse and powerful Meta Humans and helped uncover what I perceive as a major threat to this city. It is clear that this small company is on the frontline in a secret war that is dangerously close to enveloping this city, possibly this world.

I admit, I feel some level of guilt for allowing my attention to stray from the search for my sister, but somehow my involvement with this group just seems right. I actually feel like I am closer to finding Atrina now than I have been over the past eight months, that somehow this company will help me find her without even trying.

Even though I am not technically a Meta-Human, my advanced cybernetics and genetics make me appear as such. It is my understanding that an important part of my place and identity as a Hero Corp agent is a codename. When I first tested for the director I was assigned the codename, Hollywood, but have since been given the opportunity to choose one of my own. In an attempt to further embrace the popular culture of this world, and to appease the musings of my friend who repeatedly calls me ‘NEO’ ….I have adopted the name Matrix.

I am preparing my official report documenting the events of my first mission. I will post it before days end.



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