Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Mending the forge

Burnt followup

A few hours after dealing with the shadow realm creatures, Stratagent finally gets a chance to contact Taylor. 182957-5104-husk.jpg Taylor answers the call and Meijor starts off “I’m sorry for missing the appointment, couldn’t be helped.” The conversation starts off apologetic before he dives into details of the event of the shadow beasts. Taylor gets some juicy details and insight from Meijor as he makes his way home. He continues “I do have something to show you though, got it from Hero Corps. You will love it.” She agrees and they make plans for him to bring it to her lab in the Valley area.

A short time later, Meijor arrives at Taylor’s place. She stands there with her hands on her hips and he stops in front of her. Meijor quirks a brow “What?” Taylor punches him in the arm “That’s for missing our regular weekly meeting.” He rubs his arm, like it hurt but doesn’t replying “I said I was sorry.” Taylor combs a strand of hair behind her ear “I know but that made me feel better. Also, glad you aren’t hurt.” He smirks a little as she turns to lead him inside her home lab in the basement.

Once inside, Taylor asks “So, what do you have to show me.” Meijor smiles and pulls out the EMP boomerang “This.” He holds out in the palm of his hands to let her see. Meijor starts “It’s what helped defeat the shadow beasts. Was surprised it took them all out at the water treatment plant.” Taylor is eyeing the device like a kid in a candy store. She eventually picks it up and takes it over to a work table and determine the specifics. She asks “How did you get Hero Corps to let you have one of these?”

Meijor sidesteps the question somewhat “They have an arsenal and vast array of gear. It was something they showed us on the tour.” Taylor focuses on the device rather than the how acquired. “This is amazing. I heard of people doing research on gear like this but actually see it one in person is amazing.” Meijor watches her jots down some note through her examination, Taylor definitely enjoyed what she does. Once finished, she hands it back to him. “You’ll have to bring me some more items to look at. Definitely a step up from what the university has access too.” Meijor nods “I will see what I can request. Sorry once again for missing.” Taylor waves her hand like its not an issue “Its ok Meijor, just as long as you cover your ass with toys for me to look at.” They both smile as the injected humor as she leads him onside. They share a hug and say their goodbyes for the night. Taylor waves as he gets inside his car “Take care hero.” Meijor replies “Will do.”

Meijor decides to take the long way home through the Valley, thinking of the shadow beasts and possible relation to Synapse.



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