Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Pugilism In the Park

Issue 8

" This is Tony Pope people of Avalon City! I’m here at Langley Park, in Midtown, where Alderman Lyons is speaking in front of a crowd of supporters. Rumor has it that the Alderman will be stating his intent to run for Mayor and if I may be so bold, FOXX ACTION NEWS! thinks he can do a helluva better job than our city’s current Mayor! Tony_Pope.png

" Also here, protecting not only the Alderman, but the patriotic citizens, are ’Avalon’s Finest’- the fine members of the ACPD! Standing next to me is Captain Jim Taggart! Hey, Jimbo! How’s it going? Maybe you can take care of a couple of tickets for me?

" Hold on folks! Our FOXX ACTION NEWS EYE IN the SKY! is telling me that we’ve got members of Hero Corp here! Loyal viewers, I don’t have to tell you that this could mean bad news! Hero Corp, as you know, are nothing more than a barely-legal paramilitary meta-human fringe-group, that is kept afloat by leaching hard earned money from the tax-payers and secret funding!

" Obviously they are here as a sign of bullying and intimidation! But FOXX ACTION NEWS! will not be cowtowed into submission by some super-powered punks! And this reporter is headed over to get an exclusive interview with the brutish Polymer! This is the same Hero Corp faceman that we filmed at the destruction in the Drops, a mere 3 nights ago! And while I was hitting him with the tough questions, he decided to scamper out of there, like a frightened rat!

" Well things are soon going to change around here, my faithful viewers! With the Paladin Initiative that’s being put into place, the city’s Meta problems will soon be a thing of the past! And it’s about time!

" Hey! Polymer! Hey big guy, can I get a word with you and the two bozo’s next to you? Who’re these guys? Oh, Crux and who’s the other one? Speak directly into the mike, pal! Terra? How’s that spelled? And what’s the deal with the index cards? "


LOL….great piece…I keep hearing the voice from that annoying reporter in Preditor 2 (is that where that pic comes from?) Anyway…good stuff.

Pugilism In the Park

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