Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Searching the Gallows

A couple of weeks before being called into HeroCorp to help Tempest investigate Dr. Corpus, Stratagent was still searching for missing teenagers after he founded Wendi Zayne near the West End with a hint from El Cuervo the week before. This part of the city definitely draws in the crowds in the evening hours.

He perches on the top of a several story building, with a convenient store at street level. This gave him a decent field of vision of the drag strip with the most “exotic” bars named Rush Street. He was looking for a couple of missing teenagers posted on the ACPD site, no ransoms or anything unusual about when they disappeared. He plans to scope out the district and circle through on a patrol.

After an hour of learning the businesses near Rush Street, he pulls out his grapple line and swings up to Oak Avenue were the dance clubs are. He was grateful that DeForge added some length to the line, feels a lot more manageable but needed to work on his aerobatics some still. As he made his way to another perch, it seemed very busy on this night and he would soon find out way. The singer Prysm was in town and was having a show. Stratagent was somewhat awestruck from the whole event until the crowds filed inside the club. Seeing the singer in real life was definitely different than on video. The scene settled downed and he was able to focus on his task at hand.

Time passed and Stratagent would make his round to other areas of the West End and end back at Rush Street after midnight. The people have thinned out and he was able to focus on certain individuals easily and get a read on them. It would be here that he saw a couple moving rather quickly and became his focus. He watched for a few moments and deduced that the lady was young and unwell, definitely not wanting to be here. The man overall seemed shady, pimp maybe but leaned every so slightly to one side, probably a pistol in his jacket or waistband. They stopped and the man pushed the young lady down an alley, she knew not to resist from her posture. Stratagent pulled out his line and swung over the building overlooking the alley.

Stratagent watched a moment, figuring it was a simple assault incident but it was much more. He saw the pimp talking a hooded man with a loose around his neck. Behind the hooded man was some guards and younger looking people. The hooded man was the pimps supplier for the young “talent.” Stratagent assessed the guards, definitely carrying some firearm along with tasers and clubs. He noticed the pimp’s young lady was one of the missing teenagers, definitely in a weakened state and covered with heavy makeup. This was all Stratagent needed to act.

Stratagent leaped over the edge of the few story building, using his cloak to glide down. His aim was true as both boots hit WiPHoACHoodMan.jpginto the back the pimp, knocking him out cold. The young lady shrieked in surprise, the other young captives gasped. Stratagent was a few feet from the hooded man as he regained his composure. They stared at each other a moment before two guards rushed in. The Hooded Man chuckled lightly as he back away “Not tonight hero.” Stratagent was stopped mid step as the guards aimed their weapon on him and the young lady. He tossed a smoke pellet and grabbed the young lady on his way out through the gunfire. They were blinded and soon stopped firing after a few seconds. Stratagent made it to the rooftop of a nearby low level liquor store with the young lady. She dropped to her knees, starting to shake and cry. Stratagent looked over at the alley from a distance, the Hooded Man and his guards exited effectively and quickly, even taking the down pimp and the other captives.

The next few minutes he waited for the police to arrive and let the young lady, Tori Justice; down to the sidewalk. After she was safe with the ACPD, he using his grapple line to make his way home. He plans to sketch the Hooded Man and find out more about him.
1514944-1289939883b.jpgThe following morning, there was a sound bite from Prysm about the incident.
Prysm makes her way through the surrounding microphones, sounding almost sincere.. “I’m just glad there are heroes out there doing good and in my part of the city” She gives a million dollar smile as she gets into her vehicle.



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