Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Synapse Calls out Burgandy

As the persons mouse curser hovered over the smiling face of Synapse, they clicked play and the web video began.

The screen faded in from back to show the meta known as Synapse sitting on a couch in the V.I.P section of his club by the same name, he was smoking a cigarette and smiling at the camera as he leaned back in to the plush leather couch. His arms stretched out along the back of it, the black shirt he was wearing unbuttoned and splayed open showing his many many tattoos. He took a long drag from the cigarette and began to speak as he pointed at the camera.

“Burgandy, you want to call me out you sanctimonious self aggrandizing piece of trash. You need to clean your ears out homes. Cause last I checked, I don’t have to tell anyone about why I go to a hospital. Its called right to privacy, you should look it up. You want to act like a man, you want to say shit about other people. Stop sitting behind a teleprompter. Act like the real man you claim to be, I am not hard to find. You want to say shit, come on down here to Synapse and say it to my face. Otherwise zip your lip, before I come down to the station and say my piece in person.”

With that he took the cigarette from his lips and flipped it at the camera. The screen went black.

It was a video Synapse had put up on a rather popular video site, and it was starting to go viral.



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