Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Synapses Musings 2

Synapses Journal

Went on my first for Hero Corp tonight, they teamed me up with someone called Polymer. They had lost track of a pervious team. Which we were sent to look for. We could only locate one member of their group. A person called Tempest, have to say his name fits him well. Seem every bit as volatile as the name suggests. Pretty decent seeming guy, at least once you get over the tough exterior. We found him in the sewers. Not the nicest place to take a vacation. He was up against some kind of strange humanoid rat creatures, had to drop the tunnel on them to stop them. It was a rush. The thrill of using my powers in such a situation, as complete rush; looking forward to the next time.

A few days later……..

Hired a new bartender today. Cute 21 years old chick we all took to calling Chill. She has some neat ice based abilities, can frost a glass faster and better than any freezer on the market. She should be able to put on quite the little show for all the rich little punks coming in and blowing their rich families money. With her and Angel on the main bar, I can really start pushing the meta factor. No other clubs in the area with an open meta owner, not to mention that hires and defends open meta employees. Synapse is becoming one of a kind, exactly like I want it. Time for Prysm to fall to the way side.




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