Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Working on the Noose

A few days after saving the young lady from the hooded man, Meijor and Taylor are going over his gadgets in her basement…..

Meijor was looking over his gear laid out by Taylor DeForge, personal gadgeteer and friend; on the table. She was going over some numbers and data about them but he was thinking about the hooded man from the West End. After a few minutes, Taylor noticed he was preoccupied and snapped her fingers a bit to get his attention.

Miejor “Oh, I’m sorry Taylor.” She places her hands on her hips “Yea, I noticed. What’s wrong?” He starts to go into the short amount of details. She listened intently. He concludes that the hooded man is behind a large number of missing persons, well teenage ones. He picks up a flashbang, examining it a moment “I really at a loss of where to start..” Taylor speaks up “Just start where your guts tell you, don’t just wait. They need you.” Meijor smiles slightly “Thanks.” Taylor moves over next to him and picks up the grapple line “This line has a test strength of at least 2000 lbs but the retracting motor range is about 600 lbs.” She goes into more details as he mentally prepares for the night’s patrol.

Stratagent could fill the different in the swing line as he moved through the Drops this night. He had stopped a mugging so far but nothing related to missing persons or the hooded man. He would spend a few hours maneuvering through the Drops before shifting his patrol back to the West End. Tonight was no different than any other night in the partying district of the West End. He did noticed the nightclub dubbed Synapse had a decent crowd tonight though.

He swung upon a perch nearby, watching the crowds. Meijor never really got into the dance clubs or bars or such but as an academic, he wasn’t unfamiliar with social “events.” Smirking a bit thinking about the time he met his wife at college of science gathering in University of Wisconsin. Having a sentimental moment, he missed the owner of Synapse sneak through a side entrance with some shady individuals. Stratagent’s attention would come back to the real world after a screeching of brakes as someone avoids rear ending another car.

After scoping out a few blocks, he swings to another position that is near the heart of the more exotic part of the West End. Not as loud in this part but a lot more neon lights and mist/smoke. Stratagent has assessed that a bit after a midnight is the peak time here as people go for a last hoorah here. The police patrol here but the underworld elements have the upper hand and the pimps have certain “friends” who help with the authorities.

Stratagent almost had given up on this uneventful evening when an odd sewage & plumbing van drove by. He did not recognize the company but the drive was in work overalls. Plus who does 24 hours service? He whipped out his grapple line and followed from a distance. The van was heading towards the Drops side of West End. Once out of the light and flash of West End proper, the van turned down a side street heading towards a storage lot with a few smaller end warehouses off to the side. The van headed to the one of the warehouses as Stratagent had to stop his tailing on a small three story building nearby as it was open ground to the warehouse.

He watched for awhile and learned that the warehouse had armed guards and there were smaller/younger people inside. Stratagent pondered several courses of action but none were good. He decided to call the anonymous tip line of the ACPD about a missing child in the area of the warehouse. It didn’t take the squad cars to arrive as he watched the events unfold.
The ACPD arrived before the kidnapping ring could react. There was a show down but the criminal gave up with little resistance. It was a good call as multiple children and teenagers were rescued but there was no hooded man in the ones arrested.

Feeling that it was a good job regardless, Stratagent started to make his exit then he caught an officer looking up at him. Officer Dale Simmons. Stratagent didn’t know Simmons but could tell the officer was glad he was there. Stratagent gave him a small salute and swung away into the night.



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