Booster Man

Scientist-Adventurer and willing hero of Avalon City


Player: Jim

  • Nega Pills (Ability Boost- Strength and Prowess)
  • Damage Resistance
  • Limit: Only while Ability Boost is in effect Super Senses (Ext Sight, Hear, Smell)
  • Limit: Only while Ability Boost is in effect Leaping
  • Limit: Only while Ability Boost is in effect Life Support (Toxin, Pathogen, Radiation)
  • Dr Jonas Mitchell
  • Lab in Talos Island Area
  • Funding by FoxTech
  • Ex Assistant of Dr. Calvin Grue
  • Dr Mitchell sees himself as a “Scientist Adventurer”
  • Booster-Man is strong enough to lift a Tank, or about 60 Tons!

An explosion caused a mixture of chemicals and gases to permeate Dr Mitchell’s body. When he utilized his Nega Pills to try to overcome the toxins he found that he had great powers. Unfortunately the pills effect wore off quickly, causing him to try to perfect their duration. It is believed that [[Dr. Grue]] was behind the explosion somehow, however Grue has since disappeared from the scientific community grid.

Dr. Mitchell has an affinity for Golden Age heroics and idolizes Statesmen, Golden Boy, Marvel Man and Mind Girl from the 50s. The Nega Pills enables him to emulate his favorite heroes’ exploits and to show that he is a true hero.

His enstranged wife, [[Dr. Jessica Mitchell]] assisted him in the early research however she left him when she caught him studying the DNA patterns of their 3 year old twins, Erik and Erica.

Dr Mitchell was on good terms with Positron, and was trying to assist him in his anti-matter poisoning issue. He is a willing hero of Avalon City and puts the needs of the city before his personal issues.

With the widespread destruction of Steel Canyon by Malefactor’s Doomsday Robot, Booster Man was spurred into action to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Dr Mitchell gets his raw materials from Crey, Kitsune and FoxTech, however none of them know the complete formula needed for synthesis of the Nega Pills. Booster Man has 7 pills in his dispenser. Given the proper materials (1 unit of the Crey “ALPHA PARTICLES”, 1 unit of the Kitsune “BETA SOLUTION” and 1 unit of the FoxTech “GAMMA CONDENSER”), 7 Nega Pills can be produced in approximately 24 hours. Using more units to create larger batches produces instabilities.

Booster Man

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