Dr. Destructo

Super villain nemesis of Stratagent


Dr. Destructo made his appearance to the world in the Midwest with a few armored car heists not too long ago. From there he has been an avatar of destruction and collateral damage in all forms. He has only been in Avalon City a few times, as its not one of his usual stomping grounds.

There is some known information about Dr. Destructo. He has energy powers, mostly for offense but has been seen using them to shield himself from time to time. Flight abilities, he has been clocked hitting mach 1 once or twice. He has a knack for causing massive damage to everything and everyone when he attacks. There is a definite superiority complex when engaging law enforcement, citizens and heroes. His true identity is unknown but has an American accent. He is 6’2"

Dr. Destructo is believed to an enforcer used by masterminds but that is unconfirmed.


Dr. Destructo

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