El Cuervo

The Raven; Swashbuckling protector of the Drops


Player: Sebastien




- Parents killed in a plane crash.
- Before the crash he was pushed outside the plane by a spanish man named Montero.
- Montero, a retired superhero, trained the boy in the ancient combat art of La Danza de Acero.
- El Cuervo II made his first appearance a few years after Montero’s death.
- He later found that the man who killed Montero, a merc codenamed Tiburon, also killed his parents.

- El Cuervo joined a superheroes group few months after that and became an known protector of Avalon City.
- Lately he disappeared in the explosion of a tanker ship. His super-buddies thought he died.
- El Cuervo is now back to help his buddies to defend Avalon City!

- Nemesis: Tiburon (Shark) a “Deathstroke-like” mercenary who killed his parents and Senior Montero.

- Costume: Black swashbuckler costume, with cloak that splits in two like wings and the silhouette of a raven on his chest.

El Cuervo

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