Laser-centric, light-powered armor


Player: Gerry




Eric Palond is the second son of Thomas Palond, owner of Palond Industries. Along with his brother, Thomas Jr, Eric is a scientist. Eric started working on different applications of laser technology, primarily for non-lethal use for law enforcement applications. As he developed his hard light tech, he also worked with his brother on suit to house the tech. Taking a cue from Japanese anime, they designed a suit of powered armor that appeared robot-like.

Once the suit was operational, Eric took the suit out for a test run. Flying around Avalon City, he came upon an armored car heist in progress. Using his light weaponry, he took out the assailants in short order. Video of the incident went viral, and the Glare identity was born. Palond Industries held a press conference, and introduced Glare to the press, proclaiming him an employee of their company on loan to the Avalon PD.

Not long after, a group of high tech criminals attempted to steal the suit. Eric stopped them, but his brother was injured in the process, spending 3 months in a coma. That incident cause Eric to realize he needed to use his knowledge to help his fellow man.


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