Futuristic cybernetic cop stuck in Avalon City.



Nivar is a Neo-Human, a human bio genetically enhanced and purified from the genetic material of his parents and grown in an artificial womb. When fully developed, he was ‘hatched’ and imprinted with a barcode at the base of his skull containing a bio-identity chip. Other than the bar code (that just looks like a tattoo) and a fairly pale complexion, Nivar looks completely human. He looks to be a white male in his mid 20’s with dark hair and green eyes, but his left eye color is a shade off from his right.. He is average height (about 5’10") with a lean athletic build.

His right arm looks human but it is actually an advanced cybernetic limb that is attached to his flesh at the shoulder. Upon very close inspection, small bio-clips can be seen every 3 or 4 inches apart on the border of his natural flesh and artificial flesh. His bones are laced with a bio metal fiber common to all Neo-Humans that allow for easy adaption to cybernetic grafting. The cybernetic arm is covered in a lifelike synthetic skin that will regrow if ripped, burned or damaged as long as some of the genetic material still remains. The arm has receptors that allow for tactile sensation but pain is dampened allowing Nivar to perform actions with his cybernetic arm that he couldn’t do with his natural limb. The hand has receptors that can extend from his fingertips that allow for a neural interface with almost any computer or device. This interface allows Nivar to to upload or download information, learn about the function and capability of the device and even control it. The arm itself is comprised of bio-metallic bones and wires that interface with a CPU chip implanted in his brain for control that is also connected to his cybernetic eye implant. The artificial bones and wires have the strength of steel but can be self repaired by the nanite blood cells that are already part of his body. The arm is complete with an artificial circulatory system and bio metallic fiber in place of muscle tissue giving Nivar super human strength on his right side. Nivar’s cybernetic eye is standard issue for all Police from his world. It is a simple unit used for retinal scan identification, and it has an internal HUD (heads up display), thermal and night sight targeting system, camera, and telescopic lens.

Nivar rarely wears regular clothes. Since his skin is embedded with Holographic emitters as part of his S.H.E.C system, he will usually wear real briefs, and ‘project’ his clothing on top of them as it provides shielding from damage.

Since Neo-Earth has an artificial atmosphere due to a dying sun, it is always dim even during the day time. Because of that, Nivar has found the bright sun of Earth irritating to his natural eye and always has sunglasses on.


Nivar Praxiam Sentra was born in 2422 AD in the Metra-City of Avalae. His mother was the Chief of the Avalae Police Department and his father was an engineer and scientist in R&D.

Nivar’s world is called Neo-Earth and it is a futuristic alternate reality of our Earth. Avalae is a futuristic alternate version of Avalon City. In Avalae, cops are typically cybernetically enhanced and infused with rapid healing Nanites to combat the deadly tech on the streets. The Sandman division of the APD is a Avalae’s version of SWAT. They are highly trained and the only ones to be infused with the advanced S.H.E.C.S, ( Sub-Dermal Holo-Emitter Combat System) S.H.E.C.S is advanced tech that combines holography with magnetic force fields and energy to matter conversions to create Holographic clothing, armor, weapons and other items.

Nivar joined the APD right out of Law and Order Occupational school and was promoted to the Sandman unit before his 21st hatching date. He was consumed by his work and had a thirst for justice and a passion to protect and serve. His only distraction, was his fondness and closeness for his younger sister Atrina, who was hatched when he was a teenager. Nivar had always been very over protective of Atrina and the two shared a special bond as she grew up. Atrina quickly showed aptitude towards science so like her father, completed R&D Occupational school. She became her father’s research assistant and Atrina’s long hours strained her relationship with Nivar.

Months passed and his sister and father began to spend less and less time at home and Nivar and his mother became worried. When Nivar investigated, he discovered that his Father had been developing illegal Dimensional Field generating tech. Before he could stop it, his father had activated the experimental machine that enveloped Atrina into the void it created. The feedback from the dimensional anomaly caused an electrical charge that killed Nivar’s Father. Nivar tried to tend to his father but when he realized he was gone, he knew he had to act quickly. The anomaly was closing and he dove into the void just before the overload caused the machine to explode and destroy the lab and a large portion of the building it was in.

Nivar found himself in a strange City that he later learned was called Avalon. Falling back on his training, he contacted and connected with the local police and was quickly adopted by the APD for his advanced training and tech. He spent months searching for his sister and still searches for her today. Resigning himself to the fact that Atrina is probably the only one with the knowledge necessary to get them home, Nivar has settled into this new world and done his best to adapt. He is still very much a “fish out of water’” as the people, customs, and language are very foreign and exotic to him. Nivar has recently started working with Hero Corp, wanting to bring the fight on crime in his new home to a new level and with hopes that Hero Corps resources might aid him further in his search for Atrina.

Nivar was given the Code name, Hollywood, when he started working with Hero Corp. Though he still didn’t quite fully understand the reference since Neo-Earth had no such thing as movies or TV, he was told that the name ‘Hollywood’ came from his ability to put on a convincing ‘show’ with his holographic emitters. After his first mission, Nivar choose the code name, Matrix, after watching a movie of the same name, discarding the codename ‘Hollywood’. His friend, Sgt. Street has been calling him Neo for months. Now that he finally understands the metaphor, he choose to embrace the name feeling like it was more appropriate than Hollywood.


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