Night Hawk

Amateur detective and conspiracy theorist-defender of Avalon City


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Jason Hawkinson, along with his older brother Vance, were both members of General Theo Aarons’ anti-invasion special forces detachment: Vigilance. As an Engineer Sergeant, Jason’s reputation grew, due to both his skill and bravery.

Jason’s brother, Vance, was serving directly under Colonel Virgil Duray’s A-Team. Jason didn’t see his brother very often during the invasion, but whenever he heard the exploits of “[[Duray’s Dragoons]]”, his heart swelled with pride knowing Vance was protecting Avalon City. He would call his grandparents and tell the latest news about Vance. Often his grandmother would weep softly over the phone, because she was so frightened for the safety of her grandchildren.

Then one fateful day, Jason’s world was turned upside down. Word came over the radio that the Rikti had trapped a detachment of men near the Venice area. The men were holed-up in a Crey Industries facility, where they were trying to rescue a handful of important Crey scientists. The zone had been escalated to an orange threat-level by the military. Jason pleaded to be allowed to go and help his brother’s unit, but his superiors were being told to await further instructions. The aliens were swarming the area and it was deemed too dangerous.

Almost 18 hours later, Jason’s unit was moving into position, mere city blocks from the encounter. Duray’s Dragoons frantic voices over the radio suddenly went mute, and all radio contact was lost. The minutes ticked by, when suddenly a loud explosion tore through the silence! Rikti fled as a fireball engulfed the building where the soldiers had been entrenched. A thick, noxious mist enveloped the area, making it almost impossible to see or even breathe. Jason was part of a unit that was allowed to recon deeper into the hot zone.

His team froze as a call went out that bogeys had been targeted! A group of shadows began to materialize from the toxic mists. It was Duray’s Dragoons! Or what was left of them. The men moved past the cheering soldiers; eyes focused directly ahead, carrying both their wounded and their dead. Colonel Duray led them on that march from hell’s bowels. They didn’t even stop when General Aaron and Gregory pulled up in his vehicle. Duray just looked at him, saluted, then continued on his way with a scowl.

Jason’s brother, Vance, was never the same after that day. He grew distant and short of temper. When Jason tried to get him to talk about what happened in those 24 hours, he would refuse to answer, even to the point of almost fighting.

The last time Jason tried to get Vance to talk about what happened, was on Thanksgiving. They were visiting their grandparents farm. The two brothers were in the barn, just after having eaten dinner. Jason once again explained how guilty he felt about what had happened to Vance and his team members. Vance turned to Jason, rage in his eyes. He told Jason that it WAS his fault! His, and the fault of the other cowardly “soldiers” who were too yellow to walk through the “flames of honor”, as Vance and his remaining team members had.

Vance explained that there were things in those Crey labs that would make a lesser man’s skin crawl! What did Jason think those “E.T.’s” were doing there? They were trying to recover the bodies of their kin, that the Crey egg-heads had been experimenting on! Crey had known about the E.T.’s for years!

Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing! Why wouldn’t the military, who was working in tandem with Crey, allow this? He demanded Vance show him some proof of his allegations! It couldn’t be true! Vance, shaking his head, walked back towards the farm house. “Little bro, you couldn’t handle the truth. That’s what I have known all along! You believe anything the brass feeds you! Pathetic!”

Jason grabbed Vance, holding him by the arm. “I’m not done with you!” Vance, his voice a low growl, turned. “Let me go, bro. Or else.”

“Not until you tell me the truth, Vance!” Vance’s hand balled up into a fist. “You asked for this, bro.” Jason closed his eyes, not believing his brother would strike him. When he opened them next, he lay on the ground, his mouth bleeding. Vance stood over him.

“I warned you! You do NOT want to mess with me!” Vance’s eyes blazed.

The back door to the farm house softly creaked. Jason looked over to see his grandmother standing there, her hands over her mouth, in shock. “Vance Hawkinson! What in the world are you doing?”

Vance stormed off, towards the road, not saying a word. A minute later, the roar of his motorcycle’s engine grew more and more faint as he sped away.

That was the last time Jason saw his brother until much, much later.

Jason threw himself into his training; pushing both his mind and body to their limits. The fury and guilt of pushing his brother away fueled him, day and night. His hard work paid off, as he was made a member of General Theo Aarons’ new Vigilance detachment; code-named Thunder and Lightning. Lightning utilized cutting-edge technology to detain, delay and demoralize the Rikti; while Thunder’s mission was to meet the Rikti head on and stomp them. Even though the invasion had officially ended, the enemy was still among us!

Jason’s team was to do recon for a Thunder team assaulting a Rikti hive, located near the docks. The Lightning team was in position and all was quiet. Jason caught some movement and zoomed in, using the optics in his harnesses helmet. He couldn’t believe his eyes! There were Thunder team operatives loading Rikti equipment onto a “Boom Sled”. As Jason zoomed in closer to see exactly what was going on, one of the men suddenly seemed to look directly at him! It was Colonel Duray! Then all hell broke loose!

The sonic boom of the sleds was unmistakable, as they reached assault speeds. Jason screamed into his comlink, trying to get aid, but his signal was being jammed. How was this possible?

Night Hawk

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