Prysm (Madeline Anderson)

Owner of the Prysm Club and Nemesis to Synapse




Maddie as most people who know her call her, just not to her face. Was once the lead singer and front woman for a massive pop band. At least massive in Avalon City. She was the picture of the pop scene in the city at one point. Playing all of the venues that more heavy sounding bands wouldn’t go anywhere near. Prysm and the neon lights, where on top. That was until the sounds people liked started to change. A new band called Thrasher came on the scene. Well not really new, they had been around for years. Playing in some of the darker bars and clubs in the city. It was their sound that was new, the raw gritty edge of real life. That they put into their music. Was drawing crowds, which brought them to larger and larger places.

Their lead singer and writer David Samuels, was actually dating Madeline. Though most people did not know this, as they ran in different circles.

Anderson hated this. The fact that it was the guy she was tossing herself at because she wanted to play in the mud. Was starting to encroach on her territory as the biggest musical name in Avalon city, pissed her off to no end. Here she was, always putting on a pretty face. Pretending to be the good girl, keeping her image as a humble talented person up in the public view. To think that this man who was real, who treated people like commodities openly. Was gaining his own fame, while being himself. While she had to keep the act up, had to pretend to not like the mega-corps she was secretly working with. Had to act like one of the little people, but nice.

She hated it, she kick the dick to the curb. Set him up, recorded him saying things about the music corp that was about to sign him. Took the recording to the corp and made sure he lost the contract he was working so hard for. She made it her mission in life to be better at the man in everything he did, only she had the corp backing that he didn’t. She was going to crush him.

Prysm (Madeline Anderson)

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