The Shaman

Mohawk (Akwesasne) Wolf Clan Shaman, sworn to protect both the young and old.





As a child on the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation at HOGANSBURG NY his grandfather saw the power of his spirit raw untrained and with this started his training as a replacement when the time came for his role as a spiritual protector /warrior for his people and of all the world.When he was 14 and in the sweat lodge during a scared ritual that his grandfather was showing him, an evil spirit of strong power appeared and tried to capture him his spirit however his grandfather stepped in and fought as best as his old body and spirit could but was slain. All say he had a heart attack but I SHAMAN know the truth but at the point of his crossing a great spirit that he had never seen the like stepped in and protected me and the evil spirit was banished back to the dark pits that it came from. After all this as tradition dictates by the warrior code the tribal council guided him and help to teach him Graham to provide for himself and he has continued in the was of his people.

Graham GreenBow is 22 years old about 6’ tall 230 lbs raven /crow black hair and Hazel eyes looks to be in good condition physic wise but not a body builder type, proud of his traditions culture and no matter the location will always have something on him to cause him to focus on his purpose in this lost and confused world be it a a feather in his hair or a choker or both. The SHAMAN’s Nemesis is Ganyajigowa she is the trickster figure in much the same vein as coyote. When he appears in his superhero alter ego he appears to be more ripped in muscle and mental focus.

The Shaman

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