Synapse (David Samuels)

Manipulates "Dark Matter", otherwise known as Dark Force


Player: Josh




A former rock musician, David started the Synapse club as way of making money and not having to work to hard. He used the connections he made in the underground during his career in music. One would be surprised at the people one meets in dive bars, and while making drug deals to keep those creative juices flowing just a little bit longer. David as never one for making friends, in all truth that fact the he was a class A asshole. Made it somewhat hard. Though connections based on mutual gain, be it money or some other thing that people wanted. That he was good at. He had connections in almost every part of the underworld, so he reached out.

He used his saving to buy a place in the west end of Avalon city, just close enough to the drops to make all the little rich college kids think they were being dangerous. He remodeled it into a trendy and chic night club, stocked it out with all the best alcohol and more than a few of the not so best. Every club has to have some cheap well bottles after all. Not to mention when mixed right, you can charge top shelf price; and the little punks who only act like they no better. Well they can’t tell the difference.

Synapse tool off, it became one of the better known clubs in the area. Not to mention always letting his old “buddies” for his band days play. He was able to get them to lessen their normal percentage of door fees. He also stayed true to his word to all those underworld connections. As long as the price was right, he didn’t mind looking the other way as a few deals may or may not have been made in one of his VIP booths on the first floor. A few bribes to the cops that came in the door, be it money or a few of the girls he knew who liked to have fun. Wasn’t to hard to keep the law out of the places their noses didn’t belong.

Then came the cat.

Synapse (David Samuels)

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