Tony Pope

Arrogant news reporter for Foxx Action News! and master of guerrilla journalism!


Pope is an arrogant news reporter who’s show, Hard Core follows the escalating violence in Avalon City. A main staple of his coverage seems to be Hero Corp and the vigilante superheroes of the city. As a result of his coverage, he also has inadvertently stumbled on what may be a killing spree perpetrated by someone only known as the Avalon City Hunter.

Pope considers himself to be a ’master of guerrilla journalism’ and uses crude shock tactics to sell his stories. Many of his hottest shows include: ‘Dumpster Diving Mom Give Birth to Rat Baby’, ’Lap Dog Explodes in Microwave’, ‘Adulterous Siamese Twins’ and most recently ‘How to Protect Yourself from Masked Meta-Human Vigilantes’.


Tony Pope

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