A spatial distorting hero, specializing in infiltration and confusion.


Player: Christopher




A spatial distorting hero, Vector’s appearance often changes, as he wraps himself in images, sometimes from pictures, sometimes of people, sometimes a mosaic of everything around him.

Hero Corp personnel files reveal that Vector, aka [redacted name], used to be a member of the GRU, the Russian equivalent to the CIA, working industrial espionage. He was good at what he did ­­­ stealing plans, programs, and other tech for his country. He was lucky beyond belief, especially at craps. And in a firefight, bullets always seemed to just miss him.

After an especially big job, with a firefight that was caught on file, he was suddenly taken away to a cell for testing. Lucky again, because his bosses had wanted him removed for asking too many sensitive questions ­­ he knew too much about what they were planning. So, they gave them to their mad doctor, who always needed candidates for the Supers program. Needless to say, Konstantin was a success. He could cause bullets to miss him, even lasers. What they hadn’t counted on was that he would be able to teleport out of his cell before he had been properly … conditioned.

He used his spycraft to flee to Avalon City and get to Hero Corp, which gladly took him in for his skills and powers, setting him up with a cover job and papers. And thus Konstantin Aleksandrovich Orlov was born.

Not much is known about the history of this hero, except that he speaks with a Russian accent and seems to know a fair amount about security and computer systems, in addition to being a decent hand-­to­-hand fighter. Oh, and he smoke a hell of a lot, but uses folds in space to suck the smoke away…

Hero Corp has found Vector quite useful for infiltration operations, as well as for confusing opponents with a judicious use of teleport attacks, redirection of projectiles in mid­flight, and other space ­origami tricks.


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