Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

First Contact

Stratagent listens to Agent Sanchez during the briefing, sizing up his new teammates subconsciously as well. He thinks back to the letter that he “found”, more like placed; while in the Drops a few weeks ago after searching for a missing person. It was a recruiting letter from Sanchez. It weighted heavy on his mind that night especially after no luck in his search for a missing teenager.

HC_mini-Logo-white_full.jpegThe letter had the Hero corp logo on it and read
“Dear Hero,

I’m sure you have heard of an agency called Hero Corp in recent news. I would like you to join. I know you don’t know me or HC but I think I need a person like you. I quote that I like to use in this situation “Overspecialize and your breed weakness.” You aren’t superpowered in the normal sense and you seem very level headed. Not like the showboats and wildcards that seem to everywhere. I have assessed this from some video clips of you in action and your patrols around Avalon City. If you are interested in joining Hero Corp, contact me by the information below. If not, just burn the letter and best of luck hero.

Agent Sanchez
contact ******************** "

The next day Stratagent spent time trying to dig up on information on Hero Corp and Sanchez since he wasn’t teaching any summer classes. It was legit from his findings. He would contact Sanchez and agree to join later that day. Sanchez was glad to have him aboard and gave Stratagent a tip in his search for the missing girl. The tip was to contact the community hero El Cuervo in the Drops.

Taking Sanchez at his word, Stratagent later that day searched for El Cuervo in the the Drops. It didn’t take long parkouring and swinging through the urban jungle to locate the telltale signs of El Cuervo. The Drops’ protector had just finished up a melee with some thieves in an alley when Stratagent arrived. The two stared at one another a moment, sizing each other up as the sun started to set. Stratagent breaks the silence “Sanchez sent me and I’m searching for a missing girl.” El Cuervo replies sharply “And who are you!?” Stratagent offer a hand to shake to El Cuervo “Stratagent, new addition to Hero Corp. Can I call you Raven?”

El Cuervo replied with his quick wit “No! You can not señor Stratagent….’ He sheathes his blade with flare ,”because I’m El Cuervo!" he says loudly as he echoes through the alleyway. As the echoes subside, El Cuervo looks to Stratagent sizing him before shaking hands “So amigo, you said something about a missing girl?” Stratagent nods and goes into details about the girl. El Cuervo ponders on this “I’ve heard nothing here in the Drops amigo but there is rumors about clubs on the West side taking in runaways.” Stratagent replies “Thank you for the information El Cuervo, here is a photo of the girl just in case” as he hands El Cuevo a small picture. El Cuervo “Good luck in your search amigo.”

Stratagent flashback fades as Synapse and Tempest start to speak loudly in the briefing room.

Maelstrom at Mercy Hospital!
Issue 7

Here’s the latest, from Foxx Action News!, people! Yesterday afternoon, a faulty gas line caused an explosion at Mercy General Hospital! It was a miracle that there were no reported fatalities, but as you can imagine, there were numerous injuries. Not to mention, the illustrious Dr. Corpus has not been seen, since the accident. And no body has been found! Ron_Burgandy.jpg

Several staff and visitors reportedly saw the musician, David Samuels, along with a mysterious doctor, heading down towards the sub-levels, but no one can remember seeing either of them, after the hospital’s alarms went off. Interestingly enough, the hospital claims to have no record of Synapse as a patient.

Could Samuels, who lives publicly as the meta Synapse, have something to do with the damage to the hospital? If I were Synapse, I would do everything possible to contact the powers-that-be and come forward to clear my name! What was he doing there? And who was the mysterious doctor, that was with him? Was he getting tested for an STD? What about illegal prescription drugs? We all know how these so-called rockers live their lives!

ACPD officials state that they will be investigating Samuels’ bar- unoriginally named Synapse as well, for more leads. Perhaps foul play is at hand and I wouldn’t doubt it! I DO have a nose for these things!

Stay tuned for more info as soon as it comes across my desk! This is Ron Burgandy! Over and out!

Journal entry 38 , Juliaiti 2423 AD

Journal Log entry 38 / 22nd day of Julaiti, 2423 AD

I have completed my move to new living quarters on the lower west side of the city into a large multi occupant dwelling place called the Washington House. I have been told by the dwelling Manager that the building is named after the first Viceroy to lead this collective group of Metra Cities, called…a President. The monitary stipend I have been receiving on a bi monthly basis from The Avalon Police Department has allowed for me to purchase new furnishings as well called Ikea. My friend, Sgt. Street has told me that all I need is an X Box and a large HD TV and I will have the perfect ‘bachelor pad’. I still have not come to terms with the fascination the people of this world have with recorded entertainment displayed on a large screen, but I am working on it. I am told that an X Box, is some time of additional entertainment system that involves controlling simulated characters using a hand held device, again on a TV, but it sounds more like work than entertainment to me.

I spent the evening with Sgt. Street last night at a dance hall called Scores searving in the capacity as ‘wingman’. I spoke with many females that seemed eager for companionship but in the 8 months that I have been living in this Metra City I have not found one yet that is worth my attention. I have found the professional services of the Pleasure houses much more desireable. Though the women are not trained by a Pleasure Occupational School here as they are in Avalae, I have found their service to be acceptable and their services have saved me from unnecessary attatchments that would cloud my focus. Unfortunately, our leave time was disrupted by armed men that attempted to commit a Signal 65 at a small convenience market acrossed the street. One of them was a Meta Human and a firefight occured that endangered passing civilians. I was forced to use lethal force when the Meta Human that called himself, Deathgrip, damaged my Cyber arm. I spent most of the remainder of the night completeing the necessary paper work before completing the transfer of the remander of my personal effects from my old dwelling to my new one.

As always, I have kept a detailed log of all of the Meta Humans that I have encountered in my capacity as an Avalon Police Officer. I spent the majority of my service on the East Side and my transfer to the West side provides me with the opportunity to start a new record in a new demographic area. My transfer to this district three days ago has coincided with my trasfer request to Hero Corp meeting with approval. I met with the Director and several of his officers in Hero Corp yesterday and have been given the code name, Hollywood, after completeing a series of service tests. It has been explained to me that the name Hollywood refers to the Metra City that is responsible for the majority of the recorded entertainment viewed by the people of this world and my ability to create Holographic fiction utilizing S.H.E.C.S. It iis my intention to study the pop culture of this world more intensly to accurately meet the intent of this codename. I have been told by Street on multiple occasions to lighten up, a reference to my constant vigilance and rigid persona. He beleives that this codename will give me the opportunity to work towards that goal.

I have received electronic communication from Hero Corps that I am to be on call today for possible first assignment. I will make a trip to the local food dispensing location shortly to stock my temperature controlled storage unit. I hope that I will have some time afterwards to rest before being called into duty.

Synapses Musings
A look into how the man became a hero for his own journal, not that he would have anything like that.

The cat just showed up on my fire escape one day, the ladder was up; no clue how the little shit got there. It looked pitiful, so I thought I would let it in, gave it a saucer of milk. Tried to let it back out after the rain stopped, it wouldn’t go. Though seems to be fairly well behaved, looks like I have a new pet. Probably the first thing in my life that isn’t a give and take relationship, the cat doesn’t offer much.

A few days later…..

Things have been moving around the apartment while I am gone, Angel said she saw the cat moving things with its mind. Girl needs to lay off the drugs. It not pretty when it starts affecting the shit you see when you are mostly sober, not sure I should let her bar tend anymore; then again she is really hot and a great piece of tail. Not to mention those wings, who knew metas could be that hot.

A few days later……

Someone came in from the drops tonight, high off their rocker. Started waving a gun around, pointed it at Angel and yelled for her to give him everything in the register. I stepped between them and held my hands up to try and calm the dude down. Suddenly I felt some kind of energy well up inside me and blast out from my hands, knocked the guy clear across the room in front of everyone. It was insane, the power, the feeling, the rush of adrenaline. Better than any drug I have ever taken! I am a meta, how the hell did this happen; was it the drugs blocking it? Only been clean a few months, this is nuts.

I looked over afterward and the cat was setting on the stairs, he was looking at me. It was strange. I thought I had closed the door to the apartment when I walked out, Angel must have left it open.

A meta, this is something else.

Might try my hand at the superhero game, would love to feel that rush again.


Turning point in My Life
Jason Henry Journal entry #1

It was Interesting meeting the rat king and mr.Vandenburg while also Being so close to opening my book store. it is so weird since I got the helmet it gave me the ability to see since I have been blind since birth. It is so strange hearing about The different Courts and how they have been around for years I have been doing research into The Helmet and I have found nothing and had found on my door another note saying “In time we will meet and you shall learn about The Helmet but for now you must know I am the previous owner and maker of the helmet. Signed Magnus” Now i atleast Know more about him and his connection to the helmet. I have since pondered the idea of moving into a dormitory at herocorp and using the money to finally open up My bookStore with business partner. She is so close to finding that I am actually slate and I fear for her safety.


Graham GreenBow gets a small store front that he is changing into the SCARED FLAME YOUTH OUTREACH CENTER and is posting flyers through out the DROPS and local community centers and law enforcement sights and introducing himself and his objectives and offering his services to them if they deem they could use his guidance on Native matters. The OUTREACH CENTER will be close to CARLOS’s ESPRESSO cafe.
Graham GreenBow will order some bake goods and coffee for the centers grand opening.

Existential Auras
Allen meets Mr. Vandenburg

A well-to-do client of Allen Barton’s, a Mrs. Rockerburg, referred him to an acquaintance of hers; a Mr. Vandenburg, of Vandenburg Rarities. Mrs. Rockerburg was raving about Allen’s personal training, yoga and meditation expertise at a recent gala and Mr. Vandenburg was intrigued- to say the least.

El Cuervo's Journal #1

It’s 5:03 am. The night was interesting to say the least. There’s still a burn mark on my cape. I will need to ask Bonita for another one.

The incredible Dr. Mitchell, better known as Booster Man, and 4-Thought, a psychic super-intelligent kid I met tonight (and who probably is reading my mind right now, shoo, shoo!), are still working on understanding where these robots comes from.

I, El Cuervo del Montero, Second to my Name, will have no rest until the culprits are found and brought before justice for their heinous crimes against the good people of Avalon City. That I swear.


Welcome to Avalon City
Noise at Nakatomi Plaza Tower

Ron_Burgandy.jpg " This is Ron Burgandy, with a Foxx Action News Update!

Mysterious terrorists threatened to destroy Nakatomi Plaza Tower, unless millions of dollars were transferred over to them.

My sources have told me that the government-funded Hero Corp sent in an untested cadre of metahuman Deltas into Nakatomi Tower, with predictably disastrous results! Capture26.JPG

After violently entering the 50th floor of the tower, causing millions of dollars of structural damage to the building and endangering the lives of innocent taxpayers, on the street below, these Hero Corp Deltas preceded to ensue in a chaotic fracas with the terrorists, further-endangering the lives of the brave, Nakatomi employees.

People, I shudder to imagine what may have happened, if any of those stalwart Nakatomi men and women were injured, as they stood their ground, loyally defending their company turf, from those brawling metahumans! I even hear- though it hasn’t been confirmed- that the employees were even rigged with explosives!

My loyal viewers, what cowards would do something like that? If I had been there, things would have gone very different, you can be sure! There is no way any terrorist would dare place a finger upon me, with the threat of my legal team, behind me!

From what our crack team of researchers has gathered, it turns out that some of the terrorists themselves, were metahumans, and possibly worse! After untold lives and property were put in jeopardy, between the coordinated efforts of Nakatomi COO, Lance Vitners and the always heroic ACPD, the threats were neutralized and no casualties were reported. apex2.JPG

One meta-terrorist was apprehended and hauled off, for questioning. My sources tell me this meta was dressed up as a large ape of some sort. My loyal viewers, believe me when I tell you that these metahumans are out of control! The SNAP! epidemic has gone unanswered too long! Mayor Isis Morales must do something about it!

After this commercial break, I’ll show you our exclusive video footage of the Hero Corp Deltas, ranting and raving at a crowd of gathered citizens, who were obviously concerned about the welfare of Nakatomi and it’s employees- which the metahumans were not.

This is Ron Burgandy, Foxx Action News! Love me, on the Facebook and twit me on the Twitter! "


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