Fantastic Tales of Avalon City

Existential Auras
Allen meets Mr. Vandenburg

A well-to-do client of Allen Barton’s, a Mrs. Rockerburg, referred him to an acquaintance of hers; a Mr. Vandenburg, of Vandenburg Rarities. Mrs. Rockerburg was raving about Allen’s personal training, yoga and meditation expertise at a recent gala and Mr. Vandenburg was intrigued- to say the least.

El Cuervo's Journal #1

It’s 5:03 am. The night was interesting to say the least. There’s still a burn mark on my cape. I will need to ask Bonita for another one.

The incredible Dr. Mitchell, better known as Booster Man, and 4-Thought, a psychic super-intelligent kid I met tonight (and who probably is reading my mind right now, shoo, shoo!), are still working on understanding where these robots comes from.

I, El Cuervo del Montero, Second to my Name, will have no rest until the culprits are found and brought before justice for their heinous crimes against the good people of Avalon City. That I swear.


Welcome to Avalon City
Noise at Nakatomi Plaza Tower

Ron_Burgandy.jpg " This is Ron Burgandy, with a Foxx Action News Update!

Mysterious terrorists threatened to destroy Nakatomi Plaza Tower, unless millions of dollars were transferred over to them.

My sources have told me that the government-funded Hero Corp sent in an untested cadre of metahuman Deltas into Nakatomi Tower, with predictably disastrous results! Capture26.JPG

After violently entering the 50th floor of the tower, causing millions of dollars of structural damage to the building and endangering the lives of innocent taxpayers, on the street below, these Hero Corp Deltas preceded to ensue in a chaotic fracas with the terrorists, further-endangering the lives of the brave, Nakatomi employees.

People, I shudder to imagine what may have happened, if any of those stalwart Nakatomi men and women were injured, as they stood their ground, loyally defending their company turf, from those brawling metahumans! I even hear- though it hasn’t been confirmed- that the employees were even rigged with explosives!

My loyal viewers, what cowards would do something like that? If I had been there, things would have gone very different, you can be sure! There is no way any terrorist would dare place a finger upon me, with the threat of my legal team, behind me!

From what our crack team of researchers has gathered, it turns out that some of the terrorists themselves, were metahumans, and possibly worse! After untold lives and property were put in jeopardy, between the coordinated efforts of Nakatomi COO, Lance Vitners and the always heroic ACPD, the threats were neutralized and no casualties were reported. apex2.JPG

One meta-terrorist was apprehended and hauled off, for questioning. My sources tell me this meta was dressed up as a large ape of some sort. My loyal viewers, believe me when I tell you that these metahumans are out of control! The SNAP! epidemic has gone unanswered too long! Mayor Isis Morales must do something about it!

After this commercial break, I’ll show you our exclusive video footage of the Hero Corp Deltas, ranting and raving at a crowd of gathered citizens, who were obviously concerned about the welfare of Nakatomi and it’s employees- which the metahumans were not.

This is Ron Burgandy, Foxx Action News! Love me, on the Facebook and twit me on the Twitter! "


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