The fact is no one knows for sure where delta powers originally come from. In the old days, there were a lot of theories about alien implants, mad scientist experiments, and strange visitors from other planets. Of course, just because there’s no definite public proof of any of those theories doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of people who believe them. In fact, some of those people have positions of great power in government and corporate positions.

With the advent of the Human Genome Project, scientists have managed to map large portions of humanity’s DNA. While the project is far from complete, the scientists have made a few astonishing discoveries. A good portion of the human population has a unique sequence in its DNA that doesn’t appear in any other creature on the face of the earth. In fact, a good portion of the human population doesn’t have it at all. Capture97.JPG

In Deltas, this same sequence has been altered- some say mutated- radically, and often in new and unpredictable ways. Scientists believe that this mutable DNA is the source of delta powers. Being the prosaic kind of people they tend to be, the eggheads call this sequence the Delta Factor.

As is usually the case, this discovery raises more questions than it answers. The first of these is both the easiest to ask and the hardest to answer: Where did this sequence come from? Some people think the delta factor is simply the next stage in evolution. Those who have this sequence in their DNA are part of a new race of people known as ‘hominid delta’.

Those who subscribe to this idea predict that eventually regular people will either die off or be bred into the delta population. When that happens, every person in the entire world will have the potential to become a delta. Others suspect something with results that are just as pervasive but with far more sinister origins. They claim that this “rogue” DNA sequence was somehow implanted into the human genome.

The more paranoid among those who tout this theory believe that whoever did this will one day trigger a subsequence of the gene that will allow them to control every delta on earth. These same people often claim that nefarious forces or organizations are behind such an effort. Pointing out that the first recorded deltas were discovered during World War II doesn’t seem to dent their fervor for their beliefs. Then there are those who point out that the easiest way to introduce a new genetic sequence into a population is by breeding. When this notion hIt the papers, all sorts of wackos crawled out of the woodwork, claiming they’d been abducted by aliens and impregnated with their delta- factor- tainted offspring. None of these stories has ever been proved.

Then there’s the Delta Cults. Some cultists believe that the deltas are the long-lost descendants of the ancient gods of myth and legend. They worship deltas as children of the gods and they say that the great- great- great-whatever grandparents of these deltas will come back to reclaIm their offspring soon.


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