Drive Books

The Drive book you choose shows your character’s goals and driving force for where they are going and why they do what they do. When reading the title of any Drive book, you’ll want to start off by reading “It is my goal and drive to…” and finish the sentence with the title of the Drive book.

Every Drive book has requirements built into it that must be met in order for that Drive book to be “opened”. Each move inside the book also has a requirement that must be fulfilled before it becomes available for use by the player. Advancement in the game is handled mostly by means of “opening up” new Drive books.

All requirements are things that must be done or portrayed by the character in the fiction. Once all the requirements are met, the Drive is opened and a player can start working towards the moves within the book itself.

It is my goal and drive to…

Adapt to a Changing World—you have trouble adapting to a more modern age and probably prefer the good old days.
Another Day, Another Armageddon
Whiskey and Cigarettes

Become an Icon—you want to make your name synonymous with the city you live in.
Eye For Danger
I Am the Law

Create—you want to make stuff that changes the world and that helps you change it.
Deep Pockets

Die Trying—you’ve got a vice that is slowly killing you but that also might make you a useful agent of change at times.
The In

Do What Others Cannot—you’re willing to be more aggressive and let yourself loose on your enemies.
Not to Be Trifled With

Inspire—you want others to look to you as a source of hope and as a role model.
Read A Person
Voice of Reason
Often Right

Figure Out Who I am—you have no idea who you are and what you want anymore, but finding out is important to you.
Hero’s Journey
Dare To Be Different

Keep the Past at Bay—you’ve been through a lot and it’s left some scars and a past that comes back to haunt you.
But He Deserved It
Checkered Past

Lead—you want to be in the front leading the charge and making others be all they can be.
Boy Scout
Take Stock

Observe and Learn—you have a source of inspiration and a role model, or just want to learn as much as you can about a person or world different from the one you’re used to.
Fortress of Solitude
Role Model

Protect—you’ve had enough of people getting hurt and killed and your main concern is making sure people are safe, at any cost to yourself.
Back of My Hand
Hold the Line!

Prove Myself—you want to show others that you’re worth following and that you’re someone to rally behind and trust.
We Will Hold
Leading Strike

Push the Boundaries of Science—you want to change the world and push all preconceptions out the window to affect real change.
Not On My Watch

Rebel—you’ve come up against the status quo enough times to know it’s not only not worth defending, but that it needs changing—you’re willing to stand up, say so, and work towards changing it.
Eye On the Door
I Know A Guy

Reconcile My Past—you’ve got some scars and trauma from past events that you need to take a look at before you can move on with your life.
Coping Mechanism
Painful Catharsis

Redeem Myself—you’ve made mistakes and everyone knows you’ve done something really bad; now you’re working towards gaining back trust and fixing what was messed up.
A New Light
Against the Current

See Justice Done—someone has done something wrong and the justice system has let them slip away; you’re the only one that can do anything about it—and you’re willing to do a whole lot.
A Way To Live

Start Anew—you have found a new community and place to call home and you’re ready to fight to protect it.
Home Turf
One of Us

Understand—you want to understand concepts and learn everything you can about your surroundings and what you encounter.

Drive Books

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