Booster-gangs roam the streets and alleys of the Drops, carving out territory and raising the body count. Mobs control the clubs and casinos of the West End.

Corrupt and powerful corporations roost like vultures, in gleaming Downtown skyscrapers, seemingly immune to the laws that govern the common folk, while looking down upon the huddled masses below.

On top of all of this, a quickly changing and unforgiving world has unleashed villains of questionable morality and unquestionable might onto the once peaceful streets.

The meager forces of Law and Justice are outgunned, outnumbered and running out of time. All while the people of Avalon City attempt to go about their daily lives, at work and at play; desperately hoping someone will heed their cries.

Whether you have been selected by Fate because of your resolve, your bravery, your tenacity- or just because there was no one else who would take the job; this often thankless task is yours.

Welcome to the Fantastic Tales of Avalon City . . .

Mystery heroes