Superhuman Assassin turned Hero


Stinger was trained and led into a life of crime by his father, the villainous assassin known as the Enforcer. Eventually Stinger found out that the Enforcer was actually not his true father, but was actually the man who killed his real father (the hero called Blackjack) 20 years ago. When he found out he and Enforcer battled and Stinger was left injured, however Enforcer was forced to flee as the hero Bloodstone entered the scene to rescue the injured young man. Stinger ended up being captured by the government and inducted into the Mission Zero program where his real father was a member. He is working on trying to live down his past and find Enforcer to bring him to justice.
His Mission Zero team has included the super strong and indestructible heroine Alabaster (secretly in love with her), the sly mentalist Sir Real (dislikes and distrusts him), the curmudgeonly sorcerer Wraith (likes and respects his opinion) and their leader the mutant known as Basilisk (who always seems to check/spy on Stinger). He has come to trust them as a team to a certain extent but he still has his own mission and sees Mission Zero as more of a means to an end rather than a final destination.



Solidify air (pollution, dust particles) into super sharp blades that can be thrown, or held for melee attacks. The blades dissipate rapidly (1 round) when thrown, but can be held indefinitely.

  • Summon Blades
  • Perfect Aim
  • Hyper Coordination
  • Covert Operations, Equipment and Combat Trained


  • Wake Up Call
    • Not That Person Anymore – You used to operate in a world that any do-gooder would not care to be associated with. State what your life was like and what turned you around.
  • My Mission
    • Rage Against the Machine – When you go against your directive and lie, misdirect or otherwise cover up your indiscretions, roll+Influence. On a 10+, you cover it up and are believed or deflect attention for now. If you risked going against your directive to help someone else, you may raise your Bond with them by 1. On a 7-9, you cover it up, but have to confide in or end up beholden to someone you don’t know you can trust in order to do so. Say who it is, and write a Bond in with them at zero.
    • Directive – Write down at least one mission directive assigned to you along with who or what is doing the directing (or don’t and leave it open) and answer the following.


  • Maneuver +2
  • Investigate +1
  • Protect +1
  • Influence -1
  • Smash +0


  • Mission Zero – 1
  • City – 1
  • Law Enforcement – 1


  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Critical


  • Simple
    • Hit a bulls-eye with a thrown weapon from 100’
    • Perform acrobatics at a superhuman level (above Olympic level)
    • Form small throwing blades
  • Difficult
    • Form hand held blade
    • Unchosen
    • Unchosen
  • Borderline
    • Form a burst of blades in a 20’ radius


  • Formed blades have a size restriction.
  • Formed blades dissipate 1 round after being thrown.


  • Stinger uses an advanced suit of body armor and also employs various covert ops equipment as needed for the specific mission.


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