Stratagent- Meijor Teadric

Stratagent is a Tactician savant and Superb athlete.


Player: Teddy



  • Age: 33 Capture.JPG
  • Ht.: 6’ Wt.: 205 lbs
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Nationality: U.S. Citizen
  • Marital Status: Widowed

Hero Profile: Stratagent is new hero in Avalon, using his determination, tactical mind and skills to save people from the villains who wish to do them harm.

Meijor lost his wife and son due to a villain named Dr. Destructo. Meijor has a soft spot for those around his son’s would be age, giving them a helping hand where other wouldn’t. Meijor has taken it upon himself to be a foil versus those that have extremely powerful abilities that want to cause harm to bystanders.

Meijor is a professor (Ph. D.) at West Palisades University, who teaches both biology and psychology classes. It was here that he focused on his work and use the university gym to cope with the death of his family. Little did he know that the incident with Dr. Destructo affect
his mind in a subtle way, giving him insight into human’s & animal’s behaviors.

It wasn’t until a year later that he was able to notice the ability to judge a person with a quick glance and gain some tactical knowledge when watching MMA or sports. The time spent training was beneficial as he decide to expand his area of interest with contact sports and combat athletics.

Life was pretty good for Meijor and under control until Dr. Destructo returned to the city in one of his villainous schemes. This made his blood boil and he had/wanted to strike back.

Meijor would don the costume of Stratagent with some outside help. He was guided by anger than anything else at the time. Hoping to get back on Dr. Destructo. He moved through the city with his new gear, not trained at the time but his athleticism pulled him through into the conflict at Olympic Village Park where the murder of his wife & son was. There was a battle still going when he arrived but his chance to engage Dr. Destructo was cut short when several energy blast cut through a few nearby buildings. Meijor would have stayed focused on his target except he saw a few of his son’s old friends in harm’s way. Thinking quickly, he slung the grapple line and swung towards the teenagers. The line was shorter than he thought and had to release it in mid air, diving the rest of the way to them. He was able to push the teenagers clears with arms wide open, shielding them the best he could. Meijor got struck with some of the debris but luckily didn’t get trapped. He slowly got up off the pavement, holding his shoulder. He looked around for the fighting but only saw the teenagers standing there in disbelief. Telling them they should leave the area, they pulled out their phones and started to snap pictures of him. One of them, Garret; asked before they ran “What is your name?” Meijor surprised by this as his shoulder pain was his focus “umm…Stratagent.”

The teenagers were now clear as was Dr. Destructo. He was chased off by some heroes and the police. So Stratagent wouldn’t get a chance to face him now. This tore into Stratagent for the next day until he saw some posts of a new hero named Stratagent saving some teenagers in Olympic Village Park. This gave Meijor the boost in life he needed and would make arrangements for Stratagent to be around for awhile in Avalon City.

Stratagent- Meijor Teadric

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