When Imposing Conditions and trying to deal with a threat or enemy, you will usually end up making the Take Down move, which, in turn, can result in some confusion.

Damage is represented mechanically in the game as Conditions, which you can think of as fictional considerations that have mechanical weight behind them. There are three different kinds of Conditions: Minor, which represent situations in the fiction where the character has to first deal with that Condition or face more dire consequences.

Moderate, which make it harder for a character to perform certain actions, whether it is because of already sustained injuries or other factors at work in the fiction.

Finally, there are Critical Conditions, which show serious harm being done to the character, making it harder for the character to succeed at anything at all and will eventually kill a player character.

Minor Conditions are used to show a hard choice being put to the character. The character must first deal with the Condition or the Condition could worsen.You either have to deal with it right now (whatever actions or moves that requires) or you can Defy Danger to try to ignore the Condition and do what you want to do.

If the Condition still applies when you embark on a new course of action, you may have to Defy Danger again. The EIC will set the stakes for what happens if the Defy Danger move is unsuccessful and will clarify what danger the character is trying to defy. Failing the Defy Danger move might mean a Moderate or Critical Condition or something else entirely that suits the fiction, with or without the mechanical weight of a Condition to back it up.

  • Moderate Conditions impose -1 ongoing to certain actions until they are dealt with.

If my character has the Moderate Condition “dislocated shoulder”, it would not hinder their ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes, so they would not have a penalty to do that. However, if they wanted to smash someone in the face, they would definitely be taking a -1 in the doing.

Critical Conditions (max 4):
1) -1 to a stat
2) -1 ongoing to all moves
3) -2 ongoing to all moves
4) Make the Last Chance move. (If you fail you may die)

Conditions are imposed when the EIC informs a player that their character
has taken one or when characters perform moves that lead to one being Imposed.
They are always a result of something happening in the fiction, like a villain blasting
you into a skyscraper, a particularly nasty spat with your significant other, an alien
death-ray sending out radiation from space — you get the idea. A Condition can
represent anything negatively affecting a character, whether it is Minor, Moderate or
Critical. The first Critical Condition sustained imposes a -1 to a the stat affected, as
fits the fiction. If another Critical Condition is sustained the PC takes -1 ongoing to
all moves in addition to the stat debility. If yet another is sustained, then they take
-2 to all moves, which could culminate in a -3 penalty in cases when a move made
draws on the compromised stat. Finally, if another Critical Condition is sustained,
they must make the Last Chance move.


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